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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

How a man can improve his looks to grow confidence and advance in career and personal life.

As I wrote in my article HOW TO LOOK A MILLION DOLLARS ON A BUDGET, it does not take a lot of money to look stylish. But it takes a thought and some time.

Key elements of style for a man

“There is no second chance for the first impression.”

For men, the three key elements of style are:

Hair, including face hair and body hair

Fit of clothes



Your hair needs to be groomed. Man’s haircut is not such a basic exercise as you think. It may be too short, or too long, it may look too old-fashioned, or simply not flattering to your scull shape. Get to understand your head shape and define what image you would like to project on people. You may need to find an outstanding hairstylist or just hire an image consultant, as hair will always be part of Image Consulting services.

Face and hair on it are key to the polished look. In a business environment chest hair should not show from the shirt, and leg hair should not be seen from under the pants when you sit down.

Fit of clothes

“Why do you think it is considered to be so posh to have bespoke suits?”

The most common mistake of many nice-looking and fit men that I know, is that their clothes are too bulky for them. Bulky clothes on a sporty man will add age and will make you look unattended if not untidy.

Wearing clothes that are too tight is not always a good thing either, as such outfits on a man may look inappropriate in some business situations.

Why do you think it is considered to be so posh to have bespoke suits? Because they fit the figure perfectly! Thank God, you don’t have to go bespoke if you hire a professional Image Consultant who will build the best fitting wardrobe for you from ready-to-wear clothes, as well as teach you how to choose clothes in future.


There is no second chance for the first impression. Pick your shoes thoroughly. Do not wear your old worn out, dirty sneakers unless you are doing some gardening near your house. On all other occasions, make sure you wear nice formal shoes with your suits or work outfits, and new and clean sneakers if it is a leisure situation.

Some men tend to wear orthopedic-looking shoes as their formal footwear. Because they are comfortable. I understand, but keep in mind that if you built a beautiful outfit or are wearing a nice suit, the wrong shoes will destroy the looks.

Also, when a man wears shoes that are over-decorated with stitching and color-leather inserts, he should understand that he may look fancy, but not stylish or upscale.

If you are still drowning in the ocean of men styling tips, hire a Personal Stylist. The most comprehensive and awarding service for a man of business, would be “Complete Image Consulting” package.

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