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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A short guide on how to look stylish and elegant in all circumstances

To look a million-dollars doesn’t really take a million dollars. It rather takes a bit of time and a lot of thought. If you are reading this article or reached this website, it means that you are on the way to looking great. It means you are at least tasteful and probably stylish, but you are seeking a turning point when you start looking not just nice, but polished, sophisticated, trendy, high-end and glamorous.

Three main rules of style and glamor

“...whatever you dress in between them will look high-end"

There are three main rules of style and glamour:

· Hairstyle

· Handbag

· Shoes

If at least one of these three items is not thought through, your image will be ruined. On the opposite, if these three things look top class, whatever you dress in between them will look high-end. If, for example, you wear a very expensive beautiful dress or work suit, but you do not have an appropriate bag/clutch (wait for my article about bags), or your shoes are wrong (my article about shoes is coming soon), or your hair is not tidy, you will look wrong or cheap.


Your hair needs to look sophisticated, styled and looked after. It may be a haircut, or long hair but beautifully styled, ALWAYS clean, always with grey hair colored (unless you are older than 75-80). Ideally, with all that in mind your hair should look natural and healthy. .


“Handbag is your investment piece. Not jeans.”

Handbag. This is your investment piece. Not jeans. Handbag has to be high-end and stylish. Sleek. Avoid decorations and complications. Depending on your budget high-end may mean Burberry/Fendi/Mulberry/ Chloe, or if you are not prepared to spend that much, it should be at least Coach/Tory Burch/Kate Spade level.


Key to success. How many times did I see nicely dressed women in bad shoes! Disaster! The image is ruined, my day is sad. I am a shoe addict and a passionate lover of shoes. I have shoes for every single outfit. Shoes do not have to be expensive but they have to look good or very good and most importantly appropriate to the outfit. Read my article about shoes.

There are other tips and tricks for ultimate polished and sophisticated look: watch, belt, jewelry, scarves, make-up, top layer, glasses, nails and some other nuances. Keep following my blog, or make a shortcut and get styling session from me today.

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