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"I came to Tatyana to help elevate my work attire, as I had found myself in a rut of the same colors (black, white, navy and gray) and styles (basic and boring).

Tatyana was able to help me feel confident in new colors and silhouettes, while making sure I still felt like myself. She has a wonderful energy, and we had a great time evaluating my wardrobe and shopping for new pieces. She was also incredible at keeping an eye out for deals meaning so much of what we got was high quality, but also the best possible price.

Finally, Tatyana was able to show me how to mix and match pieces, so every item could be used in several outfits. I’m so glad I worked with Tatyana! It has made a huge difference in helping me to feel professional, pulled together and confident."

Erin H., IT Product Manager



"I turned to Tatyana’s agency asking to refresh my wardrobe. I dress in a classic style, love many of my garments, and they have been in my active wardrobe for years. Eventually, I started feeling like a retro lady vs. classic.

It was a big revelation to find out from Tatyana how important shoes and accessories were. Previously I considered them secondary to my looks. Together with Tatyana I bought a number of new garments and pairs of shoes, which I would not even look at without her. Fast forward, the outfits Tatyana created for me have become my favorite!

I am very happy with the outcome of my session with Tatyana! New clothes and shoes complemented my wardrobe, making my outfits look fresher, younger style and trendy!"

Natalie P., Real Estate Manager



"It was a total pleasure to meet Tatyana, she not only helped me with some styling advice but she also gave me the confidence to understand that I did have good style and with a few extra touches it changed into great style.  I have bought pieces over the years that I loved but seeing myself wearing them in photos I was very disappointed as they didn’t look so good.  With Tatyana’s help it was a simple change of trousers or jacket or top with my favourite piece and it changed the look completely and helped to save a few pennies to boot.

The consultations didn’t take up much time, we spent a couple of hours in my local shopping centre, then at my home. Tatyana was also good to send me photos of images she’d seen of some styles that she thought suited me, where to buy similar items and it really worked. I now have confidence back in my dress sense, in my shoe style and I’m back wearing all those beautiful dresses that I’ve spent a fortune on over the years but didn’t have the courage to wear. 

All of the advice for me was mainly about making small, subtle changes and updating my wardrobe.

Thanks so much Tatyana, I get loads of positive comments daily now, from my friends, colleagues and family admiring my style (my coat, my boots, my dress even my hairstyle). The time spent with you was invaluable."

Emer N., Operations Director

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