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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

How to make your hair look beautiful and upgrade your overall style

As I wrote in my article HOW TO LOOK A MILLION DOLLARS AT A BUDGET, hairstyle is one of the three key elements for the elegant and polished look.

“...hairstyle is one of the three key elements for the elegant and polished look.”

Hairstyle is something that will be with you at the formal event and when hiking and when beaching. So, make sure your hairstyle is right.

The very basic rules of good-looking hair

It needs to be a hairstyle. Not just “hair”. No. It needs to look sophisticated. Everyone who looks at you should see that your hair was cut and styled in a certain way. Ideally, it should look like effortless beauty at the same time. Example: Meghan Markel

Grey hair needs to be colored. Full stop. Roots when growing need to be sprayed with tinted spray. Single grey hairs do not need to be plucked. The whole hair needs to be tinted because if you lived to the point when you get single grey hair, most probably the rest of your hair has faded and become dull, thus looks unattended. If you are Helen Miren’s age and style, you may wear grey hair.

Hair should always be clean. Always. Never leave your house if you think your hair starts looking unwashed.

Now you need to figure out the best hairstyle for your hair, body type and general style. I cannot tell everyone what suits them, you will need to make your own internet search or make a shortcut and buy my styling services. Continue following my blog to get more tips on hairstyle.

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