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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Cardigans are trendy and can upgrade your look. Or downgrade....

Cardigans are a tricky part of the wardrobe. Some of them may make you look like an old lady that needs to sit down and knit socks for her grandchildren.

“...a nice cardigan thrown on top of a very basic outfit may suddenly convert you in a very trendy and stylish young girl.”

On the opposite, a nice cardigan thrown on top of a very basic outfit may suddenly convert you in a very trendy and stylish young girl. To tell one type of cardigan from another, hire a stylist.

Where to buy a cardigan

Look up FreePeople cardigans on their site, then find them and buy at a very attractive price in Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx and Marshall’s. Occasionally, in Macy’s.

San Francisco brand THE RESET has really nice cardigans. But they are pricey. Wait for them to go on sale, or try and find something similar made by other brands.

Zara is a fashionista’s destination for cardigans. All their cardi are trendy, no doubt in that! However, the thick knit cardigans are all synthetic and will look gorgeous maybe for a couple times. If you are ready to invest $70 in a very fashionable piece that will not last you long, then you found your destination. The good news is that some of Zara knitwear is made of very good materials and will last you for years and will always give you this fashionable look.

I am hesitating whether to mention Banana Republic here. They try hard with cardigans, making them of nice wool blend and trying to catch the fashion. But they rarely get it. It is very easy to buy a BR cardigan that will convert you in a granny…

If you don’t know how to tell good materials from bad materials, granny's cardi from a trendy one, keep reading blogs or hire a personal stylist.

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Depends on which one you mean. If it is a stylish boho cardi made of interesting knit fabric, and you have a thin waist, then Yes! If you mean a conservative cardigan that is just longer than normal and has the same knit belt, and thin waist is not your strength - then I wouldn't risk it, No.The Yes examples are on the pic.


I love cardigans! Gorgeous and cozy at one time. But what do you think, cardigans with the belt... yes or no?

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